The City of Loveland is developing a corridor plan to guide the future of Highway 402. The planning process is underway. This Plan - the Highway 402 Corridor Plan (Plan) - will serve as a guide for residents, property owners, developers, City staff, and elected officials in making sound land use, infrastructure, design, and development decisions in the Highway 402 corridor.


The primary goals of the planning process include the following:

Provide for orderly, thoughtful, and high quality development that is consistent with the community’s goals for the corridor

Generate private investment and facilitate redevelopment of deteriorated areas

Increase jobs and generate new tax revenue through new development

Create a gateway employment corridor to Loveland

Understand and identify public infrastructure required to support development

Generate community buy-in through an interactive public engagement process, both online and in-person

Create an infrastructure plan and improvement timeline that is coordinated with other city department and public agency initiatives for Highway 402

Define a short-term and long-term implementation strategy and public, private, and public-private financing options to advance the Highway 402 Corridor Plan










Project Timeline


Plan Boundary

The Plan Boundary generally spans Highway 402 from South Taft Avenue on the west to Interstate 25

on the east.


What does Highway 402

look like right now?



We need your help! You are invited to play an active role in the planning process, alongside the Highway 402 Advisory Committee, for the Highway 402 Corridor Plan. The events detailed below are your in-person opportunities to jump into the planning process, or just stay updated on the project's progress. A map of the location of an upcoming event is available by clicking on the "Take Me There" button. A summary of the event will be provided for past events.

Multi-Day Design Charrette + Community Open House #1

Community Open House

November 14, 2018

5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Rocky Mountain Center for Innovation and Technology

Building C (Far East Entrance)

This is a time for the planning team to collaborate with Advisory Committee members and the public to generate creative improvement and development concepts for Highway 402. Based on on-the-fly feedback, the planning team will explore a variety of alternatives for the corridor, addressing land use, transportation, aesthetics, character, sustainability, development, and redevelopment. The design charrette will take place November 12 through the 14. This intensive “design-a-thon” will include a community open house to gather public input on the concepts. Please see the community open house details below.

Final Community Open House

Community Open House

May 16, 2019

5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Rocky Mountain Center for Innovation and Technology

Building C (Far East Entrance)

Following the Multi-Day Design Charrette and Community Open House #1, the planning team will refine the ideas generated into narrowed concepts for further refinement and discussion. Once the alternatives have been reviewed and vetted by City staff members and the Advisory Committee, the planning team will conduct a final Community Open House to gather additional feedback on the narrowed concepts, again focused on land use, transportation, aesthetics, character, sustainability, development, and redevelopment. 


To download a larger version of the Plan Boundary map, click below.


& Links

Create Loveland Comprehensive Plan

Loveland’s 2015 Comprehensive Plan is the guiding policy document for the future of Loveland. The 2015 Comprehensive Plan was approved by the Loveland City Council on July 19, 2016. The Plan includes:


  • The community vision, created through extensive public outreach

  • A cutting edge land use plan

  • A focus on fiscal resilience and economic development

  • Healthy eating, active living, and the built environment

  • Optimization of our choices through the lens of economic and environmental sustainabillity

  • Implementation and monitoring

CDOT CO 66 to CO 402 Project

This CDOT project aims to improve the following roadways, with various benefits including safer corridors, replacing aging and obsolete infrastructure, providing drivers a choice of a new reliable travel lane, reduces travel time, and more.

  • I-25 mainline

  • Colorado Highway 60 interchange

  • Larimer County Road 16 interchange

  • Colorado Highway 56 interchange

  • Frontage roads

CDOT North I-25 Express Lanes: Johnstown to Fort Collins Project

The key features of this CDOT project include:

  • Increase capacity by adding an express Lane in both directions, replacing four aging bridges and widening four additional bridges.

  • Improve multi-modal access to regional transit to promote mode shift.

  • Improve bus service performance and reduce each total trip time by 15 minutes by adding new bus slip ramps from I-25 to the new Park-n-Ride at Kendall Parkway.

  • Create new pedestrian, bicycle access under I-25 at Kendall Parkway.

  • Connect the Cache la Poudre River Regional Trail under I-25 and network to 100 miles of total trails. It will also serve as a wildlife corridor.

Improvements-UPD9 -1.jpg

Click the image to download

larger version.

Existing Conditions, Corridor Profile, Public Survey Results, and Highest and Best Use Analysis

This PowerPoint provides a detailed summary of existing conditions along the Highway 402 corridor, a demographic overview of the corridor, the results of the public survey, and a summary of the Highest and Best Use Analysis, which focuses on the economic factors and market forces in play along and surrounding the corridor.

Charrette Summary

This document provides an overview of the process and findings from the Highway 402 Corridor Plan charrette and public open house that took place November 13-15, 2018 at the Rocky Mountain Center for Innovation & Technology. The purpose of the charrette was to present the findings of the existing conditions analysis, begin developing concepts for the future improvement of Highway 402 and surrounding property, and then vet those concepts into one narrowed concept plan for Highway 402 based on iterative stakeholder and public input. 

Check back for additional downloads and links as the project progresses.


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